Fit for Sale

Preparations in the preliminary phase of a succession solution lead to a sustainable increase in value 

The M&A process includes way more than just financial aspects. On the Sell-Side the preparation for the transaction is essential to achieve an as high enterprise value as possible:

  • Analysis of the actual situation
  • Development respectively evaluation and adjustment of the strategy regarding the succession solution and sale of your enterprise
  • Selection of fitting strategic options in form of strategic partners for the succession respectively the sale  
  • Definition and sequencing of the operative measures to achieve an increase in enterprise value
  • Development, respectively support in the creation of the business plan based on the operative measures
  • Orientation of the organization regarding the implementation of the measures concerning the increase in value as a cornerstone for the implementation of the prospective strategy
  • Professional mentoring of the management in the implementation of the measures
  • Conduct of the transformation process

We support you from the enterprise value increasing preliminary work, to the actual financial transaction. The development of sustainable strategies and the design of efficient organizations with a highly motivated leadership team, connected with a thriving enterprise culture,  is the main focus of our assistance. StettlerPartners integrates economic, technical and intercultural awareness into the transformation process, which leads to an overall success of your enterprise. The sustainable, value increasing preliminary work, is an important prerequisite for the realization of a high enterprise value. 

Sale of an Enterprise

Carefully structured processes, tailor-made for your specific goals

Whether you want to relieve yourself, retire or tackle fresh challenges: A premature planning of the succession solution is essential for a successful sale of your enterprise. Anyone who wants to sell his or her enterprise is confronted with various challenges – only with professional and comprehensive preparation are previously determined goals achievable. The definition of a realistic selling price is paramount for a successful transaction. With our practical orientated enterprise value determination, we can accurately qualify the real enterprise value. The search for a suitable business successor requires a lot of knowledge about potential investors and patience.

We relate to numerous potential strategic and financial buyers and work together with various cooperation partners. Therefore, we hold an extensive network, which has grown over the years. Gladly, we provide this network for your enterprise sale. 

Our services include:

  • Consultations of  entrepreneurs in the professional development of their enterprise, respectively in succession solutions
  • Comprehensive support in transaction projects, preparation and implementation of the complete M&A process 
  • Assessment of the business plan, drafting of documents regarding the information memorandum  
  • Support in the search for a buyer
  • Preparation of and support in the negotiations with investors
  • Valuation of the DCF-analysis or similar models  
  • Financial, commercial, fiscal as well as market and management related Due Diligence 
  • Integration management following the transaction 

Acquisitions of Enterprises 

Thourougly structured processes, orientated on your specific goals

We consult private individuals as well as fiscal and strategic investors, who want to buy an enterprise. As experts for medium-sized business transactions, we know the features of this market segment in every detail. Continuously we watch the development of supply and demand to assist you and your enterprise with our professional processes and our far-reaching network.   

Our services include:

  • A comprehensive assistance in transaction projects, the development and implementation of the complete M&A process 
  • An effective market screening in the search for a suitable enterprise
  • Purchase intention (LoI)
  • A thorough analysis of the enterprise (Due Diligence)
  • Purchase negotiations
  • Closing
  • Integration management following the transaction

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