Fit for Sale

Preparations in the preliminary phase of a succession solution lead to a sustainable increase in value

The M&A process extends far beyond financial skills. On the seller’s side, the preparatory work for the transaction is crucial for achieving the highest possible enterprise value. Our proven path is consisting out of:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Evaluation and, possibly, adaptation of the corporate strategy with regard to succession planning and sale
  • Identification of operational measures to reach a sustainable improvement of the EBITDA – and as a consequence of the enterprise value
  • Preparation of an adjusted business plan which considers the measures taken
  • Orientation of the organization towards the implementation of value enhancement measures as the cornerstone for the implementation of the future strategy
  • Management of the transformation process
  • Identification valuation of nonoperating assets. This may lead to a separate disinvestment process.

From the value-enhancing preparatory work to the actual financial transaction, the focus is on developing sustainable strategies and building efficient organizations with a highly motivated management team, combined with a winning corporate culture. StettlerPartners integrates economic, technical and intercultural insights into the transformation process, which leads to the holistic success of the company. The sustainable value-enhancing preparatory work is an important prerequisite for the realisation of a high company value.

Succession Planning – Sale of your company

Carefully structured processes, tailor-made for your specific goals

Whether your goal is to retire, reduce your workload, or turn your attention to new opportunities, the timely planning of your corporate succession is crucial to the successful sale of the company. Those seeking to sell their company face a number of challenges, and only through comprehensive and professional preparation can these be overcome, and previously determined goals be achieved. The determination of a realistic selling price is critical for a successful transaction. Our practically-orientated enterprise valuation service allows us to accurately quantify the true value of your enterprise. The search for a suitable successor also requires a great deal of patience and knowledge as to who qualifies as a suitable investor for the acquisition of your business.

We have strong contacts with a number of potential strategic and financial buyers, and work together with a variety of cooperation partners. As such, we possess a valuable and extensive network which has been developed over a number of years. We gladly provide access to this network for the sale of your enterprise.

We will reach your goals together as a team and remain by your side throughout the transfer of your life’s work to its new custodian.

Our services include:

  • Consulting for entrepreneurs on the continued development of their enterprise and their succession planning
  • Comprehensive support in transaction projects, preparation and execution of the entire M&A process
  • Assessment of the business plan, creation of information memorandum and documents to support the offer
  • Support in the search for a buyer
  • Preparation of and support in negotiations with potential investors
  • Valuations based on the DCF analysis or similar models
  • Financial, commercial, fiscal, market and management-related due diligence
  • Integration management following the transaction

Business Acquisitions

Carefully structured processes, tailor-made for your specific goals

We provide consulting to private persons, as well as financial and strategic investors that intend to purchase a company. As specialists in medium-sized business transactions, we have expert knowledge of every detail of this exciting market segment. We continuously monitor the trends of supply and demand in order to best assist you with your enterprise acquisition, both through our professional processes and extensive networks.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive support in transaction projects, preparation and execution of the entire M&A process
  • Assessment of the current status, and assistance in defining goals of the acquisition
  • Market screening to find a suitable enterprise for acquisition
  • Declaration of intent to purchase (LoI)
  • Thorough analysis of the enterprise (Due Diligence)
  • Coordination of purchase negotiations
  • Closing
  • Integration management following the transaction


Structured process aligned with your goals

We support technology-oriented companies with optimal fundraising for the respective growth phase.

There are many success factors which can facilitate fundraising, in particular:

  • Attractive relevant market
  • Paying customers (a presentable customer base is an extremely positive criterion for investors)
  • Replicable, scalable sales model
  • USP’s (for example patents)
  • Convincing CEO and strong management team
  • Established risk management (know your own risks and, if necessary and possible, take measures to minimize them)
  • Cautious calculation of capital requirements (it should be possible to reach the next milestone without running out of cash)

Our consulting services start with the analysis of the success factors. The result is a neutral and objective assessment of the status quo, including an evaluation of the probability of finding a desired financing partner.  

Different financing options are taken into account in fundraising, in particular:

  • Equity capital (capital increase)
  • Credit financing
  • Mezzanine capital
  • Factoring
  • Crowdfunding

We will be happy to assist you in making the implementation of your project a success. 

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